Hi. I’m Paul Musialowski. 

As an undergraduate studying Management in Hotel Industry in Gdansk, Poland, I have deepened my interest in travel that has determined the course of my life and career. Since 2010 I have been pursuing my dual passion for travel and photography equally, attempting to create work that makes you dream, moves and inspires.

As a teenager, I would borrow my brother’s camera and go out with my dog to capture just about anything. Landscapes of golden rape fields, rolling hills, quietly flowing creeks.

I still picture in my head those warm summer evenings fulfilled with smell of freshly cut hay and glowing fireflies. Photoartist’s dream. And I dream a lot.

My photo work spreads from travel landscapes and portraiture through start-up ideas and product photography. I believe in giving back and some of my work has been donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Want to learn more ? Let’s grab a coffee, or two. It’s Pacific Northwest !

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